• Chowchilla Elementary School District
    Educational Services Staff 
    The Educational Service staff support curricular and instructional services throughout the district. Managing state compliance issues and testing also fall under the responsibilities of this departmentWe operate under the belief that district staff is in place to support site administration and instructors in most effectively achieving the district's mission which is: 

    The Mission of the Chowchilla Elementary School District is to provide each student a superior education in a safe and positive climate that promotes high academic performance, personal responsibility and respect for self and others.

      Linda                                          w                                                   
      Linda Russell-Scheet                                        Kerri Williams                                                     
      scheetl@chowkids.com                                      williamske@chowkids.com 
      Assist. Supt. of Educational Services           Administrative Assistant                                           

     Eric Griffin                                   Barbara                             
    Eric Griffin                                                        Barbara Precher                                     

    griffine@chowkids.com                                   precherb@chowkids.com                     
    Director of English Learners                           English Learner Secretary