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    English Learner Services 

    The Chowchilla Elementary School District is committed to provide services to our English Learner students and families. Good first teaching is foundational to our ability to close the achievement gap between our English Learners and all students.  Research-based instructional strategies are used in every classroom which promote conversations with peers, problem solving and the use of embedded content vocabulary.  A high number of students are reclassified each year.  These students are tracked after reclassification to insure that they are able to continue demonstrating English Proficiency and maintain a high level of academic rigor.We operate under the belief that district staff is in place to support site administration and instructors in most effectively achieving the district's mission which is:

    The Mission of the Chowchilla Elementary School District is to provide each student a superior education in a safe and positive climate that promotes high academic performance, personal responsibility and respect for self and others.

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