• Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan 

    Local Educational Agency Plans have been suspended as Districts move to the Local Control ans Accountability Plan.  
    Below is the link to the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan which outlines the District's previous plan for meeting the 4 performance goals set forth by the California Board of Education.
    1.    All students will reach high standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading and mathematics, by 2013-2014.
    2.    All limited-English-proficient students will become proficient in English and reach high academic standards, at a minimum attaining    proficiency or better in reading/language arts and mathematics.
    3.    By 2005-2006, all students will be taught by highly qualified teachers.
    4.    All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning.
    If you would like to comment about or provide input concerning the LEA Plan or Addendum, please email: