• Dear Parents, Students and Staff,
    The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a new feature required by the state which outlines goals and activities that districts and county offices of education will implement to educate all students.  Our LCAP must address the state’s 8 priorities set forth by the State Board of Education.  The funding needed to carry out the goals and activities must also be included in the plan. An important component of the plan is input from students, parents, community members and staff.
    Chowchilla Elementary School District (CESD) staff gathers input from each of these populations through the use of meetings and surveys collected over the course of the school year.  If for any reason you have not yet given us feedback on any of the items covered in the state’s 8 priorities you may take the survey listed on the CESD website (www.chowkids.com), call 559-665-8021 or attend an upcoming board meeting. The LCAP went before the CESD School Board for public input on June 11, 2018 at 1:00pm in the District Office Boardroom, located at 355 N 5th Street, Chowchilla.

    Meetings for the current school year will be held in the District Office Boardroom from 3:45pm - 5:00pm on the following dates:

    August 29th -     Discuss purpose of LCAP, Parent involvement Policy, expenditures, survey data and current goals.

    November 14th -  Discuss progress in meeting goals and budget, Collaborate regarding current needs.

    December 5th -  Collaborate regarding current needs

    January 9th  -   Revise LCAP Plan

    February 28th -   Revise LCAP Plan - If needed

    June 10th -         Present LCAP to Public for Review Board Meeting starts at 1:00pm

    2019-2020 LCAP Public Review

    June 17th -          Board meeting / Adopt LCAP   Board Meeting starts at 1:00pm

    A draft of the CESD LCAP can be found on the district’s website. 
    The continued mission of the Chowchilla Elementary School District is to provide each student a superior education in a safe and positive climate that promotes high academic performance, personal responsibility and respect for self and others.  Reading, writing and mathematics remain a focus of instruction.  In an effort to better prepare our students for the ever changing future we are using instructional strategies which require our students to collaborate, problem solve and reflect to a greater degree than before. 
    We appreciate your input and support as we navigate new requirements designed to strengthen planning  efforts in designing a brighter future for our students.
    Please click on the links below to access the CESD LCAP and supporting documents.