• Professional Development/Curricular Links
    for Eduactors

    Welcome to a collection of educational links to websites for parents, teachers and students. A series of sites have been collected which support the efforts of the community in conjunction with Chowchilla Elementary District in providing additional resources aimed at improving the English Langauge Arts and mathematics proficiency of our students.
    Link for substitutes
    A teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources

    Teacher resources and teacher professional development programming across the curriculum
    Bridges Website Sign-in for Teachers
    Bridges math curriculum website sign-in link
    Promotion of mathematics professional development and communication regarding issues related to teaching rigorous and challenging mathematics

    CPM eBook - College Prepartory Math
    Link to CPM eBooks for Chowchilla educators.
    Warehouse for assessment data

    Ed Helper 
    A wide variety of content area support material

    Education World
    Math lesson plans, online math tools, printable math crossword puzzles, Suduko puzzles, and other curriculum support materials

    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
    A wide variety of resources across the curriculum

    Provides standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of math for all students and materials that support the vision for school mathematics set forth in "Principles and Standards for School Mathematics"

    CDE Math Instructional Resources
    Information and resources for math instructional materials

    Math and Science Resources
    A large, comprehensive resource for K - 12 math and science educators

    Mathematics Framework 2013
    Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten - Grade Twelve (2005) - The complete framework and/or multiple files for easier printing

    Resources for new middle school teachers and returning teachers
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
    Professional development information, publications, resources, information regarding grants and awards, and much more

    National Science Digital Library
    Created for middle school teachers: A direct path to selective online resources for instruction and professional development from the National Science Digital Library. Browse a list of topics and take an in-depth look at teachable concepts in mathematics.

    A website devoted to new teachers containing links, blogs and class resources
    Discover everything a beginning teacher will need for a successful school year, from tips for your first day, to classroom-management advice, to printables and lesson plans that will support your curriculum all year long.
    Teacher resources including lesson plans, K-12 projects and articles by educators such as Harry Wong
    A learning community for teachers.  The Top 101 Web Sites for Teachers
    Resource Area for Teaching
    Creative tools and materials that promote hands-on learning in math, science, technology, and art

    SCORE History/Social Science Resources
    The former Schools of California Online Resources for Education, History/Social Science (SCORE H/SS) evaluated, aligned, and annotated quality resources from the WWW to the California History-Social Science Content Standards and curriculum. The project was begun in 1995 as a program of the Curriculum and Instructional Steering Committee of the California County Superintendent's Education Services Association (CCSESA). This website (one of four based on the H/SS, English, Math, and Science subject areas) was managed through the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS).
    Web site which hosts hundreds of videos demonstrating practical instructional strategies, many of which are tied to the new Common Core standards.
    Free and easy-to-use resources for teachers: lesson plans, worksheets, teaching tips, games, and more
    PDF Documents available for downloading.
    Wolfram Alpha 
    This is a computational knowledge engine which is capabale of answering most questions.